The LED lighting revolution

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Interior designers are reaping the rewards by offering and implementing simple intuitive LED lighting in their projects. Gone are the days where it’s all about soft furnishings and wallpapers. The world of LED lighting is finally being recognised as a definitive interior feature.

LED’s or Light emitting diodes; are essentially small blue electronic chips emitting light. These were originally used in army vehicles in the First World War as driver instrument icons. The discovery of a yellow phosphor introduced in the late 80’s enabled the light to become white. This process now means that one single chip can last up to 75,000 hours. In residential terms this gives the end user 50 years maintenance free lighting. The government plan on incorporating this technology into new homes, and exterior street lights from 2018.

The disadvantage of LED lighting happens to be its advantage. The upfront cost for a LED product tends to be around 50-80% more expensive than your standard compact fluorescent lamp. Taking into consideration that LED technology is 90% more efficient, a payback period for your purchase is certain, and savings are guaranteed looking to the future.

Twist Interiors Lightmaster direct LED

Based in the Cotswolds, Lightmaster Direct has a holistic approach in the design, supply and control of LED lighting solutions. Enhancing residential, commercial and historical properties. Specialising in designing bespoke lighting schemes inside and out, our experienced team source a range of innovative products from suppliers worldwide, to create beautifully lit spaces.

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